The Ellis Martin Report: Susan Sheller at The Canyon Club January 4, 2-15

Quick Review:

Susan Sheller at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA   January 4, 2015

I’ve seen Susan Sheller perform before.  We are friends.  She performed in my late art gallery in 2011.  I caught her at the Canyon Club previously in 2013 opening for Kenny Loggin’s band.  She’s opened and has sung with many other greats.   This is a well-seasoned performer, not a newbie, not a beginner…and yet…. Still, she has grown.  Having matured years ago, Susan has today surpassed veteran performer status and has evolved into my version of mega-cult fiefdom, at least in my mind and I’m sure in those of many of her other fans.   I never dreamed that such a rich vocal performer and songwriter could actually improve upon what was always a dreamy performance.  And yet, it happened.  I saw and I heard as she opened for Coco Montoya last night…and yet again, I am moved. 


My question is this?  Why isn’t she headlining?  Why doesn’t everyone of a certain age and music awareness know her name around the globe?   The answer is this:  There’s no real reason why not.  We will see this happen in the very near future.  I’m convinced of it.   


And a footnote:   Susan is as sweet and as soulful as her voice.  What a nice person. Having said that, she’s such an amazing artist she could literally be a complete prick and you’d love her and see her again and again in concert.  She’s just that good. 


Ellis Martin is a broadcast journalist, fine-art photographer, actor, poet, apolitical satirist, musician and general self-aggrandizer based in Los Angeles.