The Gold Report:Brent Cook -Big Discoveries,Smart Management,OPM(Other People's Money,by Ellis Martin and Karen Roche

Brent Cook: Big Discoveries, Smart Management, OPM (Other People's Money)

Mickey Fulp: Solving The Uranium Price Puzzle-The Energy Report

a great interview for The Energy Report with Mickey Fulp:

Calling a Top, by David Morgan

Taken from David Morgan's Blog at

John Williams:A Hyper-Inflationary Depression is Coming, The Gold Report, by Ellis Martin and Karen Roche

My interview with John Williams for The Gold Report with Karen Roche.....great advice inside this article

Summer Predictions of a Sort. Look for Opportunity Now.


Predictions for the rest of the summer in commodities:

Eric Coffin:Follow the News Early-The Gold Report, by Ellis Martin

Below find my interview with Eric Coffin for The Gold Report....great advice from Eric!

Eric Coffin: Follow the News Early
Source: Ellis Martin of The Gold Report 

David Morgan, The Skinny On Silver--for The Gold Report, by Ellis Martin

David Morgan: The Latest Skinny on Silver

Go ahead and buy the hype, but considering reacting by buying silver.

There are events and happenings going on in the world that are simply beyond our control.   There’s nothing that we can do about them.  We can only tend to our own affairs, which is what is really important.   The “story” as it were, as portrayed by CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NBC or the Washington Post per se is not necessarily a complete picture as to what is going on.  Sure, we’re very a

The Scheme of Things

Welcome to the program.   I sincerely hope that amongst the not so wonderful news that enters your ears through various forms of media that you are exposed to, that you are finding joy somehow, somewhere in each day.  It is yours to have and to embrace.   I can’t possibly know in my virtual radio studio somew

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